Agenda and Minutes for Meetings
 Please note that Minutes are in draft until approved at the following meeting.  Signed copy minutes are available from the Clerk for a small fee
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19th July 2021 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
19th July 2021 Parish Council Meeting Agenda
19th July 2021 Parish Council Minutes
19th July 2021 County Cllr Report
19th July 2021 Balance Sheet
19th July 2021 Budget
7th May 2021 Parish Council Annual Meeting Agenda
7th May 2021 Parish Council Annual Meeting Minutes
15th March 2021 Agenda
15th March 2021 Minutes
15th March 2021 Reports
18th January 2021 Agenda
18th January 2021 Minutes
18th January 2021 Reports
16th November 2020 Agenda
16th November 2020 Minutes
16th November 2020 Reports
21st September 2020 Agenda
21st September 2020 Minutes
21st September 2020 County Cllr Report
21st September 2020 District Cllr Report
21st September 2020 List of Payments
21st September 2020 Balance sheet
20th July 2020 Agenda
20th July 2020 Minutes
20th July 2020 Reports
20th July 2020 County Cllr Report
Please note that the May meeting was cancelled
16th March 2020 Agenda
16th March 2020 Minutes
16th March 2020 Reports
20th January 2020 Agenda
20th January 2020 Minutes
20th January 2020 Reports
 11th November 2019 Agenda
 11th November 2019 Minutes
11th November 2019 Reports
16th September 2019 Agenda
16th September 2019 Minutes
16th September 2019 Reports
 15th July 2019 Agenda
 15th July 2019 Minutes
 15th July 2019 Reports/List of Payments 
 Annual Parish Meeting May Minutes
 APCM May Minutes
 18th April Minutes
 18th March Minutes
12th November     Minutes
24th September    Minutes
21st May              Minutes
26th March           Minutes
8th January          Minutes

11th December     Minutes
23rd October        Minutes
15th May             Annual Parish Meeting  |  Minutes
15th May             Annual Parish Council Meeting |  Minutes