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The Parish of Baconsthorpe

Baconsthorpe is a village in the English County of Norfolk. It is 4 miles (6 km) south-east of Holt, 5 miles (8 km) south of Sheringham and 20 miles (32 km) north of Norwich.


Baconsthorpe  Church

The medieval Anglican church of St Mary was restored in 1868 and 1958. It contains interesting monuments from the 15th–18th centuries and some 16th-century glass saved from the castle.

Baconsthorpe Castle

The ruins of the 15th-century Baconsthorpe Castle lie about one mile (1.6 km) to the north of the village.

Baconsthorpe Castle is intimately linked to the dramatic rise and fall of the Heydon family, who lived there for 200 years. The Heydons first made their fortunes as lawyers, but the main source of their wealth came from the wool industry. Baconsthorpe Castle was built as their main residence in about 1450, and became larger and more elaborate as the family’s wealth grew.

A Parish Council is a Civic Body responsible for the management of village assets.  Baconsthorpe Parish Council is responsible for:

The Allotments

The Playground

The Village Noticeboard

Dog Waste Bins


The Village 'Speeding' Sign

 The Parish Council is also responsible for  considering and commented on Planning Applications where appropriate. The Council informs the Highways department when there are issues related to traffic, parking and road conditions, flooding, footpaths and overgrown vegetation.

Your Councillors

Jonathon Cooper  (Chairman) (Tel: 0776 749 4369)

Richard Youngs (Vice Chairman)

Isabel Christophers

Tom Benton-Worboys

Jane Warner

The Role of the Clerk

The Clerk is the ‘Proper Officer’ of the Council who is responsible for the smooth running of the Council’s business. He/she is the first point of contact for the Council and all correspondence comes to the Clerk. Responsibility for implementing the decisions of the Council rests with the Clerk along with giving professional guidance where necessary whilst remaining neutral and discrete. The Clerk is also responsible for financial management.

Contact The Parish Clerk

Sarah Hayden

53 Cromer Road 

Lower Gresham

NR11 8RB

Tel: 01263 570223​​

Baconsthorpe Parish Council


The Parish Council meets at Baconsthorpe Village Hall Dates and times are published on this website and on the Parish Noticeboard

2022 Meeting Dates 

Monday 16th January 2023 7.30pm

Monday 20th March 2023 7.30pm

Monday 15th May 2023 7.00pm*

Monday 17th July 2023 7.30pm

Monday 18th September 2023 7.30pmn 

Monday 20th November 2023 7.30pm

 * Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

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